Saturday Aug 20, 2022

37% Progress in Dredging for the Access Route of Khormosa Waterway

37% Progress in Dredging for the Access Route of Khormosa Waterway
The Dredging of Access Route to Khormosa Waterway is Carrying out Continuously with more than 37% Progress Relying on High Level and Expert Manpower of BIK.Port

According to the BIK. Public Relations, Adel Driss Director General of Ports & Maritime Administration of Khuzestan Province and Director of Imam Khomeini Special Economic Zone, referring to the start of dredging project of Khormosa Strategic Waterway from the beginning of February 2020 .The aforementioned route has had 37% real physical progress up to end of August of current year.

Driss referring to the dredging of more than one million and 259 thousand cubic meters in this period of time, He added this amount of Dredging has been done by two dredgers of Hopper suction and Cutter suction type aiming to Upgrading Safety Vessel Traffic. Director of Imam Khomeini SEZ. said out of a total of 10 Dredging Phases of this Route, Phases 1 and2 with a length of 5616 meters with more than 138000 cubic meters dredging have reached to 70% progress and the Dredging trend of Phases 9 and 10 by the length of 6920 meters with approximately 790000 cubic meters has achieved more than 90% progress. Deriss Expressed Hope that according to plan, the Dredging Process of 25km-long and 300 meters-wide, Khormosa Canal would be Completed by the August 2022 .

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