Friday Aug 19, 2022

Investment Process



The cession criteria of the hinterland area

-the plan acceptance and the cession of hinterland to the is based on the comprehensive port plan .

-the installation and building design plans of the investor must be prepared by an official  engineering consultancy.

-the investor  is obligated to start the construction operation in maximum 30 days after the receive of approved plans, in case of any delays the investor  must request an extension on the operation or the owner has the authority to terminate the contract.

-the upon the completion of each stage of installation  , must attempt to prepare and submit the AS BUILT drawings of the completed stage to the port authority .

-the investor must obey all constitutional laws and all general regulations of the port such as safety & security , environment, etc

-the investor must insure all his responsibilities .

-the charges of facilities such as water, electricity, telephone or the expansion or developments of such services are the responsibility of the investor

-the protection of the allocated area is the responsibility of the investor and he must co-operate with the guard and security affairs.

-The observance of standards and the installation maintenance during the contract period are the responsibility of the tenant

-The owner must supply all infrastructure facilities such as access road, water, sewage system, telephone lines to the area

-The lease charges during construction stage are %5 of the normal monthly lease

The conclusion process of an investment contract

The conclusion of a contract requires the following documents & process:

-the company’s official registration documents

-the last official changes of the company’s constitution

-the final financial report

-the completion of the application forms

-the economical-technical justification report of the investment plan

-the review of company’s documents

-the issue of economical justification report to the port general director

-the issue of plan’s justification report to the deputy director of port affairs and special economic zone for the approval of investment

-the approval of project plan by the port and maritime organization

-the contract provision by the port & maritime’s board of directors based on the project application

-The approval of contract by related parties and to notify the investor

The contract process period is about 30 days and any delays on behalf of  the investor is not included within this period .

The entry procedure of foreign investment

-The of investment proposal to the verification group , and the completion of the application in which includes the following information of the investor :

1- the identity

2- nationality

3- official residency

4- the headquarter location

5- type of operation or project plan in Iran

6- type of activity in Iran

7- the introduction of sponsor


-the approval  by ’s decision in case of acceptance to the council of ministers for approval and permit issue .

-the presentation of decree by the council of ministers

-the presentation of non-pecuniary list of investment and the certifications of approved foreign experts .

-the permit for  foreign investment entry and the operation permit to the investor or his representative approved by

-the insurance protection of investment by the investor

The exit procedure of foreign investment  

-the review and approval of the balance sheet by the verification council .

-the issue of exit permit by the verification council, 3 months after the receive of balance sheet .

-the transfer of investment profit is possible after the deduction of taxes and the legal duties and charges.