Saturday Aug 20, 2022

Port Advantages

تخلیه و بارگیری کالای اساسی 7  

The Port Advantages Of Imam Khomeini Special Economic Zone Port
-          The 10% commercial exemption for all import cargos transported through this port with no limitation
-          The access to the airports such as the Ahvaz International Airport(110 km distance ) , Abadan Airport (100 km), Mahshahr Airport (18 km)
-          The inlet of  80,000 tons vessels
-          The nearest southern port to over 70% of major industrial, production,  agriculture, and population centers located in the central and western zone of the country .
-          The capability to call in Post Panamax container vessels (4th generation )
-          The possibility to transfer or lease of property and warehouses, equipment, social and welfare services to the foreign and national companies for the purpose of investment and partnership.
-          The safe and short route to the important transit borders of neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey and Caucuses Zone.
-          The modern and proper equipment and facility for oil and non-oil cargos transit.
-          The special discounts and facilities for tariffs and duties of vessels and transit cargos.
-          The port responsible for over 40% of the country's commercial trade and to have an important role in the national economy and the foreign trade as the 2nd most important port of the country.
-          The availability of the khoor moosa natural channel without the requirement of artificial breakwater.
-          The hinterland area of 491 hectares for transfer to private sectors.
-          The covered warehouse area of 507,000 square meter for storage purposes.  
-          The open yard storage area of 2 million square meters for the storage of cargos
-          The availability of proper infrastructures in the port and the province of Khuzestan such as water, electricity, communication, general facilities of administration-commercial, recreation and residence centers. 
-          The container terminal area of 388,801 square meter and the annual capacity of 700,000 TEU.
-          The total of 37 berths with the average draft of 13.5 meters and a total length of 7 km.
-          The capability of exclusive port operation for general, bulk, mineral, container and etc cargos.
-           The daily grain discharge norm of 45,000 tons per day
-          The great potentials for the development of cargo re-export
-          The adjacency to the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone and the Arvand Free Zone.