Saturday Aug 20, 2022


بندر قدیم  

Contemporary with establishing of trans-country's railway in 1928 two wooden jetties were constructed at the north – west of Persian Gulf at the end of mosses estuary (with geographical coordinates 30 degrees 25 minutes north latitude and 49 degrees 5 minutes east longitude) . Afterward it would be knowned as shahpour port. Then 3 years later it turned into the most important center of entering and exiting goods. In the year 1973 the residential place of native people transferred to sarbandar (the city of Imam Khomeini) so situation of this port paved the way to be a more development port.

After magnificent Islamic revolution of Iran, the port's name changed into Imam Khomeini port and in 1982 with the ratification of board of ministers named to Imam Khomeini port officially and established a new beginning towards progress.

Imam Khomeini port stars moving towards flourishing & changing through those two wooden jetties , and today by accomplishing 35% total country's sea trade . This port gives tiding of stable development through transportation industry.

Imam Khomeini port SEZ, in the middle of ninth decade of outset of its activity, now makes performance of role as one of the most important regional transportation hub.

In 2011 this port after alteration regulations system changed the role from an ordinary port to special economic zone and moreover, joining the adjacent lands with over 11000 hectares area has formed the largest special economic zone in the country.