Saturday Aug 20, 2022

Privilage and Features of BIK

بندر امام خمینی

-       The nearest southern port to the country's , population & industrial centers
-       The shortest $ safest linked bridge to IRAQ , Turkey , Caucases and eastern European countries
-       Enjoyment of proper potential of road , rail and air hinterlands
-       Adjacency to Mahshahr  , Abadan and Ahwaz air ports at the distance of 18 km , 100 km , 110 km respectivly
-       The most appropriate port of transshipment of goods to the Persian gulf countries
-       Taking advantage of strong potential for re-export goods
-       Having effective role in the national economy and foreign trade as the second significant port in the country
-       Existence of vast container , general cargo , oil  products and mineral materials terminals
-       Capability of leading and discharging post - panamax container shops (4th generation) and 150 thousand tons capacity ships
-       Enjoyment of advanced and most appropriate port and marine equipment in order to provide quick and safe services to the vessels 
-       Enjoyment of Integrated Management system (IMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS)
-       Having electronic payment system through (PSPOS-SYS) 
-       Enjoyment of electronic transfer truck system (ETTS)