Friday Feb 26, 2021

The Director general's messag

مهندس عادل دریس  

The Director General's Message
 Imam Khomeini Special Economic Zone Port

The 21st century, is the transformation century in world's science, technology and the modern communication opportunities. Therefore the trade globalization, international job exchanges, general services and tourism are on the same growing path with this transformation.
The Road and Transportation Industry of every country is one of the most important fundamentals for the growth and development of that nation's commercial trade and the maritime transportation is the foremost important aspect of transportation.
The maritime transportation is the most cost effective method and the ports play an undeniable role in this business.  The ports with access to the free waters are considered to have a great advantage which it distinguishes them from their competitors.  The ports located on the conjunctions to major road and railway routes, transit corridors, world consumption markets possess great advantage and importance and can effectively contribute to its nation's stability and regions importance.
The southern ports of Iran, with easy access to the free waters and located on the important production and consumption market corridor of the southeastern Asian countries to the countries of Iraq and turkey, Central Asia and also the eastern Europe have great importance and the Imam Khomeini Special Economic Zone Port in an area of 11.000 hectares and located northwestern of Persian gulf, it is distinguished from other ports of the Persian gulf countries.
 The Imam Khomeini Special Economic Zone Port, with over 80 years of experience in maritime industry is country's largest port and the 2nd commercial port with over 30% of the nation's commercial trade.
The important and effective accomplishments of this port during 2014 includes the approval of the port as the special economic zone port, property accretion in order to increase the port capacity, the private investment attraction of over 62 million dollars, total throughput of 44 million tons of cargo,
the 36% growth in port revenue and etc..
We hope that during 2015, all related parties in the road and transportation industry such as the cargo owners, the foreign and domestic transportation companies, shipping lines, investors and etc. will strive to play a great and important role in the development of the country's economy.
The management and the fellow staff  of the Imam Khomeini Special Economic Zone Port , wishes by taking advantage of all the available modern port and maritime facility and technology to welcome and serve all the cargo owners , domestic and foreign investors , port and maritime officials and all other related parties active in this region.