Saturday Aug 20, 2022

The Director general's messag

بهروز آقایی   

Message from the General Director of Ports & Maritim Administration of Khuzestan Province



With greeting and regards

Undoubtedly, we are living in era access to the ways that get the countries into the power not only through the power of economics and trades but also at the scene of politics which is the most strategic goals of all the governments. As it can be rightly said that economics creates political power.

In the meantime, access to the open waters and maritime corridors is one of the absolute advantages in terms of access to global markets, which leads to economic growth as well as increased political interactions between the countries.

Maritime transportation from longtime ago, despite of all the turbulences at some point of time, still is the first choice in the development of foreign trade and commerce. On the other hand, having the advantage of access to the sea with a hinterland that also includes road and rail capacities, enables the multi-modals transportation process in order to be as efficient as possible in the trade routes of the countries.

Ports as the most important link in the commodity chain can open the gates of global trade for their countries due to their different and of course diverse capabilities and operational potentials.

 In the meantime, by taking an overview to the ports’ past at the countries enjoying hinterlands, we find out these countries always been considered as an absolute advantage to maintain power, both in the field of economics and politics as well.

Iran, with its wide coastline in the south and north and its location in the north of the Persian Gulf, which is a strategic region in economic and political transactions of the region from east to west and from north to the south, is like a highway for world trade players to reach the target markets.

Although in recent years there have been changes in corridors and trade routes due to the political role of some countries, but still Iran with a population of over 500 million people has the ability to connect Southeast Asia to Europe and northern countries to the Persian Gulf States and the horn of Africa.

In the northwest of the Persian Gulf, Khuzestan province, with its unique capacities in the main industries of agriculture, fisheries, etc., and having a large port, is one of the most economical trade routes and is considered as an important trade center.

Imam Khomeini Port Special Economic Zone with an area of 11044 hectares of expandable lands, 40 berths, investable lands, suitable infrastructure, logistics equipment and facilities, is one of the justifiable investment opportunities in various fields, including the added value of logistics capacities. Upstream and downstream industries of oil, gas, petrochemical, etc. for capital owners and producers, economic activists and other stakeholders in the maritime transport industry.

This port by Utilizing its potentials, so far in the field of new capacities in constructional of logistics facilities, production factories, processing of petroleum products ... with more than 57,000 billion commitments investments, has been pioneer with the estimated daily value of at least 300,000 billion Rials.

Due to such a large investment in the business environment of this special economic zone with the presence of a large number of active stakeholders in the field of port and maritime services, production and logistics, this port has provided significant capital turnover and sustainable employment in the region. It is hoped that in the year that according to the Supreme Leader, has been named the year of knowledge-based production and job creation, and with the efforts of all activists in the field of trade and economy, by turning threats into new opportunities, Imam Khomeini Port Special Economic Zone along with Its long antecedent just only by two  wooden jetties, was the way toward the new  horizon of  world’s trade and the irreplaceable role of it at ensuring the country’s  food security, has been proven so far as the first priority in long-term and of course sustainable investment.


I and all my colleagues in the Ports and Maritime Administration of Khuzestan Province, with the enjoyment of all port and maritime facilities, welcome you, the esteemed owners of goods, port and maritime investors, and all the stakeholders of the transportation industry.

Behrouz Aghaei – Director General of Ports and Maritime Administration of Khuzestan Province.



Public Relations of Ports and Maritime Administration of Khuzestan Province, Imam Khomeini Port SEZ.