Saturday Aug 20, 2022

Marine Services

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BIK Port Radio Station

In order to help the mariners and in accordance to the conventions related to the. communications and the establishment of the coastal frequency radio stations for the coverage of the maritime locations

The important duties of the BIK Port Radio Station

-the maritime connections for communications between the coast and sea

-the connection between the shipping companies (agents) and the vessels

-to receive the  weather forecast report and notify the province’s subsidiary search and rescue centers and other responsible organization .  

-To place the weather report in the sites of  internet and intranet .

-The 24 hours service on VHF channel 16 with the frequency of HF 8273

-The reply to the clients weather request information .

-To receive and announce the maritime and safety messages

-The receive and immediate transfer of the emergency messages to the related divisions.

-The co-operation in relation to the maritime security subjects and the co-ordination with related divisions.

-The bulletin of the maritime emergency messages

-To receive the navtex, fax and the marine telephongram from the vessels , port organization and other related organizations .

-To receive the maritime maneuver notices , and the mutliple broadcast of the messages prior to the practice.

-The render medical consultancy services

-The receive and announce the vessel traffic reports

-The use of advanced technology for communication , collection and analysis of data.

The collection of waste materials

In accordance to the Marine Environmental Protection and also the logistical marine location of the BIK Port in the Special Economic Zone and its many responsibilities to protect the marine environment stability, it has attempted to use the required facilities to collect the oil & non-oil waste material of the entry vessels.

The Actions of BIK

-The establishment of  the required facilities to receive & process the vessels oil waste materials according to the article 38(B) of Marpol’s 1st attachment . The Mahshahr oil terminal has designed and installed the proper standard tanks to receive and process of balanced water in which is contaminated with the oil and cargo waste material.

-In the port installations , the proper facilities to receive and recycle the oil waste products, used oil, bleach water of the engine rooms (cargo room waste ) are available. The facility includes two tankers with special pumps and the accessory equipments. The system regularly transfers the vessel’s waste to the Persian shell oil waste refinery located in the petrochemical special economic zones.