Saturday Aug 20, 2022

ICT Services

ict services


The IT (information technology) Development

The BIK Port, in order to expand its services and by the benefits of the modern science and information technology has attempted to design and execute their projects, advance information system and also the customer relation affairs. The actions taken in this regard are the following :

-the installation and operation of new admin correspondence system(Farzin System) : for the better and faster admin operation and an immediate reply to letters and requests, the paperless admin correspondence system of BIK Port has been established and being used.

-the integrated marine system ( a national project): the system is designed to mechanize the marine work cycle of the port and maritime organization .

-the integrated system of legal and guard affairs : the system is designed to mechanize the process of legal and contracts , guard and security affairs .

-the completion and operation of the integrated computer network system

-the installation and operation of the Hand Held system

-the receive of ISMS International Certificate

-the wireless connections with terminals and the residential complex

-the web site of salary status


Overtime hours status

-the web site of personnel entry and exit status

-the operation of the video conference system

-GCOMS system

-integrated admin system

-welfare and insurance system

-the internet services: considering our evermore dependency of the communication services especially to the  web information and electronic mail (e-mail) sites, the BIK Port has attempted to design an exclusive web sites in both languages of Farsi and English. The information of load and discharge operation are also available by the online system. (http:\\