Saturday Aug 20, 2022

Marketing Goals



In accordance to the 44th constitutional law, 650 hectares of the BIK port’s hinterland were designated for the investment of private sectors in production & distribution centers, assembly, transformation, packaging, etc… according to the plan forecast 200 hectares of the area are assigned for the access roads, public areas and etc…The port’s railway route of 27 kilometers connects the port complex to national railway and annually 4,562,500 tons of cargo are transported by the railway. In addition to railway system, a budget of about 70 million dollars have been allocated for the investment facilities such as the construction of 36 kilometers of major & minor roads, sewage systems, water and electricity network, data, etc… The development of this facilities and a suitable investment opportunities has made the attraction of an investment over 333 million dollars in less than 4 years possible and in this effect the port’s operation capacity of general cargos has increased for up to 16 million tons annually and 7515 job opportunities (direct & indirect) has been created in province of Khuzestan

At present, 159 hectares of port’s hinterland has been allocated under 43 private contracts and about 491 hectares are to be transferred to private investors.

-The implementation of the 44th constitutional law, and the reduction of the governmental sectors incumbency in ports

-The development of port’s operation capabilities by the attraction of private sectors.

-The increase of productivity and quality of port & maritime services by the use of private sectors.

-The development of an advanced industrial centers in operations such as conversion , assembly , packing and distribution of cargo

-The development and the mobilization of the private terminals

-The elimination of multiple cost of transport and the reduction of the final price of cargo

-The promotion of BIK port from a traditional port (1st generation) of load and discharge operation port to a (2nd generation) process and distribution center .

-The qualification requirements of Iran for joining the WTO (world trade organization )

-To  compete with the other ports of the Persian gulf countries

-To increase  the productivity and job opportunity at the province