Saturday Aug 20, 2022


سیلو 4


The advantages and facilities of investments at BIK Port

-the lack of necessity to obtain construction permits from the  local organizations.

-Free of any  municipality charges

-the loan grant programs as a benefit  to early profitable and job opportunity  businesses to purchase machinery, establishment  of port facilities and renewal of port fleet.

-The erection of hinterland’s infrastructure with the allocation of 70 million dollar budget .

-The 36 kilometers of internal road , water and electrical network, data and the water sewage system .

-27kilometers of internal railway for the connection of the hinterlands to the national railway network.

-The capability to transfer more than 10 million tons of cargo by the port internal railway.

-The safe and secure port’s cargo transportation and storage due to the surrounding of port area and the control on the cargos entry and exit

-The opportunity to establish production and distribution centers in port by the advantage of special economic zones.

-The high port traffic through %38 of the national commercial trade

-The return of your investment capital in port in less than 4 years

-The advantage of the private terminals with an advanced facility and the establishment opportunity of  private terminals.

The foreign investments attraction and protection law

Every foreign legal or real person and or the foreign investment companies whom are interested in the investments of projects such as development, production, industrial, transportation, agriculture, and any other similar projects or a financial assistance to the Iranian companies whom are responsible in such projects can have the privilege of the protection law of foreign investments.