Saturday Aug 20, 2022

safety and environmental affairs

The environmental management of the sewage system

The plan to control the effects of water sewage on the environment, we have just completed the final studies of our research. In this research, other than the environment effects in 6 different periods and climates, we are also considering few proposal with a 25 year vision plan and are analyzing and prioritizing the plans based on their economical, technical, environmental advantages. The studies will be the basis of our integrated management plan of the sewage and the water purification system development plan.

The compilation of managements pollution control plan

The analysis of the port’s environment and the current status along with the management plan became possible in the management pollution control plan. The main elements of pollution control were observed in 6 different tests and the current status of the port’s environmental protection is based on the research and studies of the successful ports of the world and the major pollutions priorities of air, sound and water sewage and etc…