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Record of Daily output of 72000 tons of Basic goods from Imam Khomeini Port

Record of Daily output of 72000 tons of Basic goods from Imam Khomeini Port
During the process of output of basic goods from Imam Khomeini Port Complex, along with loading up to 2877 trucks a day, 72000 tons of basic cargoes were sent to the consumption destinations and Achieved Considerable Record of Loading and Discharging Operations of this type of goods.

According to Public relations of Imam Khomeini port, Adel Driss, Director General of Ports and Maritime Administration of Khuzestan Province and Director of S.E.Z of Imam Khomeini port referring to the continuation of efforts to accelerate the exit of basic goods stated: through Collaborating of Relevant Administrations in the Chain of Cargo Transportation including Road maintenance  and Transportation Organization in the field of truck attraction, more than 2877 trucks around the clock were attracted and through Loading of 72 thousand tons  Variety of Basic Cargoes, this Port Achieved the New Record of Output in basic goods.

Director General further added: by the end of August about 7 million and 240 thousand tons of basic goods were unloaded through 130 ships in Imam Khomeini Port Complex Which shows a 23% growth in the unloading of this type of goods.

He also estimated 5% growth rate at the field of Truck Attraction compare to the same period last year and expressed hope that by Using Encouraging Elements in order to Persuade Truck Owners to carry basic goods, more over to Improve the Level of Cooperation among Transportation Administrations looking forward to observe upgrading output of goods through multimodal transportation, among them road transportation in the future.

It should be noted that Imam Khomeini Port Complex with its Facilities and Equipment, including Piers, with water depth of more than 13 meters, along with High Tech and Advanced Strategic Loading and Unloading Devices Plays an Important Role in Transportation Chain of Goods and Maritime Trade of the Country as well.
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