Saturday Aug 20, 2022
Record of Daily output of 72000 tons of Basic goods from Imam Khomeini Port
During the process of output of basic goods from Imam Khomeini Port Complex, along with loading up to 2877 trucks a day, 72000 tons of basic cargoes were sent to the consumption destinations and Achieved Considerable Record of Loading and Discharging Operations of this type of goods.
Acceleration of Discharging &Loading of ships containing Petrochemical products in Imam Khomeini Port by utilizing new
Upon relying on the ability and expertise of local personnel of this port it was possible to load and unload of cargo containing Petro Chemical Products through Mechanized Bucket aiming to improve indices of shipping conditions, loading and upgrading speed of discharging of goods in Imam Khomeini Port Complex.
20%Growth in Loading & unloading Operations of Goods in Imam Khomeini Port in the first 5 months of Current year
Loading & Discharging the varieties of Goods such as Oil or Nonoil commodities had a growth of 20%in the first five months of the current year and reached more than 18 million tons.
37% Progress in Dredging for the Access Route of Khormosa Waterway
The Dredging of Access Route to Khormosa Waterway is Carrying out Continuously with more than 37% Progress Relying on High Level and Expert Manpower of BIK.Port
MoU Signed to Build Mini-refinery in Special Economic Zone of Imam Khomeini port
A memorandum of cooperation on the construction of mini refinery of Euro 6 petrol was signed during the commemoration ceremony of the National Transportation Day between Khuzestan Province Administration of ports and maritime and Naghshe Jahan Part Refining Company.
Record-breaking of Unloading Grains Ships at Imam Khomeini Port
During the unloading of a ship carrying grain at Imam Khomeini port with a total unloading of more than 31,333 tons of cargo per day, a new record was found in the history of the operation of loading and unloading of basic goods.
Presence of Imam Khomeini port in Second International Exhibition of Transportation and Related Industries
Imam Khomeini port in addition to participating actively in second international exhibition of transportation and related industries presented its capabilities, advantages and achievements of the industry marine transportation.
Firefighters of Imam Khomeini Port Practiced the First Maneuver of Fast Rescue
The first training course of fast rescue in country’s ports was held with the aim of increasing the operational capability of the forces of the safety and firefighting center.
Imam Khomeini port’s Coastal football team Champion of Khuzestan League
During the competitions of the Khuzestan coastal football league, hosted by this large port complex, Imam Khomeini port’s team won as the champion.
75 Percent Increase in Transit of Goods from Imam Khomeini Port
During the eight months of the current year, the transit of goods from Imam Khomeini port has reached to over 1.6 million tonnes with 75 percent growth.
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