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Imam Khomeini Port, Host of Control and Inspection Officers of Country’s Ports

Imam Khomeini Port, Host of Control and Inspection Officers of Country’s Ports
The International Convention of Load Line was described with the aim of promoting the scientific capabilities and knowledge of the inspection centers of country’s ports, hosted by Imam Khomeini port in December of this year.

According to Public Relation report, Port and Marine Deputy of Khuzestan Province Administration of ports and Maritime whilst announcing the news said: in this training course that was held with the presence of inspection officers of country’s ports during three days in Imam Khomeini port, the manner of inspecting the requirements of the international convention of Load Line was taught in the framework of teamwork and also practical training on the ship by Mr. Rahim Chaldawi and Pouria Koulivand.

Gerayloo added: : The importance and role of the inspecting and inspection centers of the vessels, as well as the performance of their respective officers as the forefront of ports, has made the need to hold these specialized training courses to ensure that the maritime conventions are implemented properly.

Port and Marine Deputy said in outlining the importance of complying with the requirements of international conventions: The formulation of marine laws and regulations in the form of marine conventions is in response to the needs of the maritime industry to enhance safety and prevent environmental pollution and hence, the capability and full control of the ports’ inspection and control centers is important in monitoring the implementation and compliance with its requirements.

He added: Successful holding of these training courses in the ports of the country can lead to the synergy and development of joint cooperation between ports.

It is worth mentioning that in order to increase the motivation of the learners in this training course, the awards were also given to the top performers who participated in the team's work as well as scientific discussions.


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