Tuesday Apr 7, 2020

Increasing the Capacity of Khomeini Port in Storage, Loading and unloading of Oil Products

Increasing the Capacity of Khomeini Port in Storage, Loading and unloading of Oil Products
Following the completion of the construction and operation of the storage tanks of oil products with the capacity of more than 26 thousand tons, with the private sector participation, the capacity of Imam Khomeini port was increased in storage, loading and unloading of oil products.

According to Public Relation report, Engineering and Construction Deputy of Khuzestan Province Administration of Ports and Maritime whilst announcing the news said: storage tanks for oil products in a land with an area of 20 thousand square meters, with the participation of the private sector participation was utilized in October this year with the aim of improving the quantitative and qualitative level of transfer services, unloading and loading of oil products for customers, as well as in order to increase operational capacity in this area.

Eng. Rezazade added, referring to the favorable context of investment and consequently, the growing welcome of the private sector as well as the location of this large port complex in terms of transit advantages in the country: investors with participating in the construction and operation of oil tanks have tried to use this large port complex as a way to access the markets of the region and the world.

It is noted that this project includes storage tanks of light and heavy petroleum products, the location of mechanized loading and unloading platforms and auxiliary facilities which has been designed and constructed in accordance with the latest international and domestic standards and regulations in compliance with the safety and environmental requirements and regulations.


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