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75 Percent Increase in Transit of Goods from Imam Khomeini Port

75 Percent Increase in Transit of Goods from Imam Khomeini Port
During the eight months of the current year, the transit of goods from Imam Khomeini port has reached to over 1.6 million tonnes with 75 percent growth.

According to Public Relation report, General Director of Khuzestan Province Administration of ports and Maritime whilst announcing the news said: the transit of goods has reappeared at this port complex following the establishment of appropriate infrastructure by investors in this large port complex and welcoming of private sector to take advantage of the capacities of oil terminals in Imam Khomeini port and the political stability created in Iraq.

Deris added: Utilizing the advanced equipment and proper facilities and under safe conditions, one million and 688,116 tons of various petroleum products were transported through the marine boundary of Imam Khomeini Port.

He enumerated, pointing to the unique status of Imam Khomeini port in terms of access to the Persian Gulf markets and the availability of extensive storage facilities, increase in marine traffic through transit transactions as one of the main policies of the Administration for the development and prosperity of business and commerce in the region.

Manager of special economic zone of Imam Khomeini port enumerated having equipped and advanced oil terminals and wharves as one of the factors that has led to the growing welcoming of goods’ owners and merchants for the transit transactions through this marine boundary.

Following the growth of transit activities in Imam Khomeini port, this large port complex has consistently won the first place in the country's outgoing transit boundary during the past years


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