The establishment of the BIK Port in 1937 with 2 wooden berths  was coincidental with the operation start of Trans-Iranian Railway. The location of the port, is northwest of the Persian Gulf and at the end of the Khoormoosa waterway. The name of the port in the beginning was taken after the water way of Khoormoosa and three years latter the port became the important center of the cargo transport.

In 1973 , the residential area of the port’s hinterland were relocated to the city of Bandar Imam, this movement was the start of the port’s development and in 1978 following the great Islamic revolution the port’s name was changed from Bandar Shahpoor to Bandar Imam Khomeini .

The BIK port, currently is responsible for more than 32% of the country’s commercial trade and this is the great sign of promising and stable commercial development of the region.

The BIK port, after 70 years of operation has become one of the most important commercial centers of the region. The port, in an area of 11 million square meters on the northwest of the Persian Gulf and at the end of the waterway with the longitude of 42 nautical miles and the latitude of 250 meters, enjoys the existence of a favorable hinterlands and the proximity of the neighboring countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Azerbaijan, etc.

The growing trend of the port’s development and the transform to special economic zone in the very near future and its great benefits and advantages for the private investors of projects such as the private terminals, multi purpose warehouse operators, oil products storage tanks, vegetable oil storage tanks, 200,000 ton grain silos adjacent to the 150,000 ton grain berth, conversion , assembly and packaging plants and etc.

The BIK hinterland (Investment Area) of 650 hectares has been allocated for the private investments projects.

The container terminal in an area of 40 hectares has an annual capacity of 700,000 TEU .The container transportation to Iraq from BIK has many advantages such as 50% discounts on port charges, 20% storage discounts for containers transited to Iraq, 20% discounts on THC , etc.

The construction of 150,000 tons grain berth with an average draft of 17 meters has made the berthing of capsize vessels possible and the completion of load and discharge operation of such vessels in less than 5 days.

The BIK is located on the main transit corridor to Iraq, and near 70% of Iran’s industrial and population areas.